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Senior Housing

The first issue brief in IPA's series on aging explores senior housing options, including: aging in place, senior communities, assisted living, and nursing homes.

Family Caregiving

The second issue brief in IPA's series on aging explores the largest source of long-term care services in the country: family caregiving.

Economic Stability

The third issue brief in IPA's series on aging explores how funders can support financial security for older adults.

Communities for a Lifetime

In Communities for a Lifetime (CfaLs), both the built environment and the social fabric are constructed to support those growing up and growing old. This issue brief focuses on the four domains of CfaLs.

CfaL Roles for Philanthropy

Philanthropic organizations of all shapes and sizes are well positioned to support Communities for a Lifetime. This issue brief explores four roles for philanthropy in advancing CfaL work.

Coming of Age

This presentation is an overview of the AdvantAGE study, which provides excellent information on Indiana’s aging population based on a survey of more than 5,000 senior citizens. These slides may be updated and customized for presentations to Rotary Clubs, businesses, financial planners and estate professionals.

Aging in Indiana

This presentation outlines how aging is impacting Indiana foundations. It can be updated and customized for foundation boards of directors, grant committees, or development committees.

Walkable Communities

In addition to promoting physical and mental health, walkability supports independence for people of all ages and abilities. This brief provides Indiana funders with basic information about walkability and suggestions on how to improve walkability in their communities.

Universal Design and Visitability

Traditional home design practices have built barriers to aging in place into much of our housing supply. These structural barriers prevent older adults, as well as people of any age who have disabilities, from leading independent lives; visiting friends, relatives, and neighbors; and participating fully in their communities. This brief explores two approaches to design that incorporate accessibility features.

Funding Across the Lifespan Issue Brief

The Funding Across the Lifespan Issue Brief explores opportunities for funders to become involved with aging, no matter what their current funding priorities.